I wanted a dansk spil casino machine that did more than play games and looked good while doing it opted for a Hanns G 24" PC Monitor.
Sorry I can't give TOO much away or I wouldn't have any business.
I made this assumption without checking and killed a RPi you can use the extra long stacking header on top of the RPi in a "true" shield configuration, but I admit it looks weird.Bolt it down, run the cord down the back where your power supply will be and call it a day.If you are just wanting a straight forward setup and want shave some buck (and also get a lifetime warranty) here's a little gem I found.The first obvious choice is to build one from scratch.I got my T-Molding through work, but wherever you get it you should buy one size bigger than needed and trim with a razor blade to fit once installed.The IDE cable pictured is not included.This shield also has 3 extra GNDs for convenience (in the form.1" headers or solderable holes.Cord is around 3 ft long.Joystick Sanwa 8YT 25 Switches and Wiring Extras Barrier Strip, 5 Pole.LCD.1inch w/ PCB 74 Arcade Buttons (USA style) Arcade Push Button w/ microswitch.
So now I have a cabinet that can be configured for fighters, classics, driving games, or whatever I want.Please visit our website forums.Use putty, filler, or Bondo to fill in nicks and cracks, and sand again.It's also easier to keep clean.This will safely boot up and shut down your computer with a simple button press and save you from having to keep a keyboard around to navigate windows just for an on/off function.