Pleasingly retaining its original oranje casino 10 euro bonus engine and gearbox, the Roadster benefits from an uprated cooling system, limited slip differential, taller back axle ratio, hvorfor kan det glade spil wider stainless wire wheels and improved Coopercraft front disc brakes.
Embroiled in the so-called one armed bandit murder' which saw Social Club Services' employee Angus Sibbert shot dead on January 4th 1967, LGT 788D' was supposedly being driven that night by Michael Luvaglio (Landa's brother) and Dennis Stafford who were subsequently convicted of the crime.A car whose heady blend of styling and performance were so exceptional at its 1961 Geneva Motor Show launch they continue to cast a smooth, elliptical shadow over the marque's new sports cars some 56 years later!A vind penge pa spil din bil former boxer, Mr Landa fell foul of the infamous Kray Twins when they accused him of installing slot machines in some of their clubs.Its Malcolm Sayer-penned lines are thought by many to be among the most striking ever to adorn a motor car.This prize can range up to 250.Per page: 60120180, per page: 60120180, next Invaluable, LLC.
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You can no longer place bids.According to its accompanying Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Production Trace Certificate, this particular example - chassis 1E1482 - was manufactured on 11th February 1966.A quiet spoken gentleman who was rarely seen without a jacket and tie, Mr Gibbs kept the car until 1986 when it was bought by Mr Willis, a Surrey-based dealer.Allied to a monocoque passenger cell, the model's tubular front sub-frame cradled a 3781cc dohc straight-six engine, independent torsion-bar suspension and rack and pinion steering, while its back axle played host to a sophisticated coil-sprung set-up complete with inboard disc brakes.We therefore recommend using one of the direct payment methods available from our payment screen.Want to learn more about online auctions?Click here to pay, by browsing Catawiki, you agree to our use of cookies.