Meaning you will be paid 5 times your initial bet plus the initial bet.
Red or Black: here you bet on whether the roulette ball will fall on a number with either a red or a black background.
The French version of Roulette is very similar to European Roulette with just one zero, but includes the La Partage rule, differentiating it bonanza dahlgards tivoli from the European version.American Roulette has two zero slots on its wheel, giving it a total of 38 numbers.The payout is 5.The biggest payout is on a single number or a straight bet.Street: a bet placed on any three numbers on any of the horizontal lines.Finalizing the allowed betting time, Fairway Casino's live dealer will start to spin the roulette wheel in one direction and the roulette ball in the opposite direction."No more bets" will be called once the roulette wheel starts to slow down, indicating no more bets will be accepted.Outside Bets 1 to 18: a bet placed on one of the first eighteen numbers.Experience a spin authenticity in your comfort zone.Playing Ace Live Casinos live roulette is one of the most exciting experiences available on the Web today!
The odds against winning for this bet is 1.30.The roulette wheel will slow down and when it stops the ball will fall into one of the numbered pockets.19 to 36: a bet on one of the last eighteen numbers.Outside bets always loose if the winning number is the single zero.Ace Live Casino is proud to present you with European Live Roulette with live croupiers!Six Line: a bet on two bordering streets, with the chip placed at the corresponding intersection.