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This revolver is the standard-issue weapon for sailors on the Mississippi river steamboat Emily in the "Death on the Mississippi" mission, and it is also the personal sidearm of Don Fernando Delgado and actor Rex spil om penge nu Stanton's drug-dealing agent in the "A Vintage Year" mission.
It is also the least accurate weapon of its class ingame.Ruger MP9 The Ruger MP9 appears in the game as the MP9.It erroneously sports a 25-round magazine (in reality it uses a 30-round magazine and is chambered for generic "SMG Ammo" (most likely 9x19mm rounds).Desert Eagle, the, desert Eagle is found throughout the game, appearing under its real name.AMT Hardballer with usa mobile casino bonus codes 5" barrel -.45 ACP.Like other weapons of its class, it shares ammunition with all other non-customizable SMGs, and has a magazine capacity of 25 rounds."It is said that the day Vice President Daniel Morris died, the sky itself wept for America's loss.".SIG SG 552 The SIG SG 552 appears in the game as the "SG552." It is chambered in generic "Rifle Ammo" and sports a 20-round magazine.Firing the Schofield Model 3 in First Person View.This is the " faux MP5K-PDW" configuration, with a skeleton buttstock, red dot sight, laser sight, clipped-together magazines, and an MP5K-style barrel with foregrip.Compatible weapons: Kazo TRG ( Sako TRG Air Rifle and the Elephant Rifle ( Browning Automatic Rifle Safari ).
A near-perfect, firing, replica of the "Silverballers" from the Hitman series.The stock magazine capacity is 9 rounds.While it cannot be retained for use in other missions while playing the game normally, this weapon can be added to the player's collection by editing the save file, either with a hex editor or Action Replay-style disc on console versions.Walther WA 2000 The Walther WA 2000 is the main sniper rifle in the game, it can be fitted with better scopes, a lightweight frame, a barrel replacement, various suppressors, magazine extensions, and a bolt-action conversion.Steyr TMP - 9x19mm The TMP in 47s inventory screen.The Lee-Enfield.4 MkI battle rifle in Agent 47's inventory.One is a standard MP5A2 (referred to simply as the "MP5 and is used by the DSS agents guarding Ambassador Delahunt,.S.The sako TRG-42 in First Person View.The in-game model of this weapon appears to be based off of the Model 480, which is chambered for the.480 Ruger cartridge.